Alexander Etz: Understanding Bayes: How to become a Bayesian in eight easy steps

Alex Etz just wrote a really elegant blog post about his recent paper with Beth Baribault, Peter Edelsbrunner (@peter1328), Fabian Dablander (@fdabl), and Quentin Gronau in the special edition on Bayesian statistics for Psychonomic Bulletin and Review. In their paper they propose 8 papers that are worth reading to get into Bayesian statistics, giving a nice review / rating of these papers, as well as some others (that they still recommend, but maybe not as a crash course in Bayesian stats, but for those of us who want to learn more). If you’ve ever caught yourself thinking, I’d like to know more about Bayesian stats, but I don’t know where to start, then this paper is *literally* for you (and, well, for me, because I’ve been thinking this for too long…).

There was also recently a nice post by Wayne Folta about two packages in R that make Bayesian (regression) statistics a bit easier. Get it, Bayesians!